About Us

Lino Gagno (1923-2007), Founder, Richvan Holdings

Lino Gagno (1923-2007), Founder, Richvan Holdings

About Our Founder:
Richvan Holdings was incorporated by Lino Gagno in 1966, starting out with a backhoe and a dumptruck. As years went by, Lino  noticed asphalt and concrete being dumped in landfills and thought there had to be a need for this product.

He looked into purchasing a site along with the necessary recyclying equipment. Employing his 2 nephews John and Bob the recycyling operation was up and running in 1988.

Today Richvan employs 12 including his grandchildren.

About Our Company:

Here at Richvan Holdings Ltd., our primary objective is recycling concrete and asphalt. Using various crushing techniques we turn unwanted concrete, asphalt and rocks into re-usable aggregates for construction and landscaping purposes.

Loads of concrete and asphalt are brought into our yard and separated accordingly. Due to the high standards of industry testing, time must be taken in order to insure that all concrete products stay with concrete and asphalt the same.

Concrete with re-bar, wire and mesh is taken out using special machinery and magnets ensuring quality is to the highest standard for recycled material. This is both a timely and expensive process but needs to be done in order to supply a non contaminated product.

Due to the world’s increasing need for resources, alternative solutions such as recycling concrete and asphalt have become a growing need. At Richvan Holdings, all material brought in are 100% recycled. This creates a more productive solution than the disposal of products to our local landfills.